Ayushmann Tries 9 Hairstyles to Get into the Look of Hawaizaada

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Bollywood actor cum singer Ayushmann Khurrana tried total nine hairstyles for his forthcoming film Hawaizaada, directed by Vidhu Puri. This film is set to hit the theaters on 30th January, 2015.

Mithun Chakraborty and Pallavi Sharda co-stars Ayushmann in Hawaizaada. The film is loosely based on a scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade’s real life, who invented India’s first unnamed plane.

Director Puri Talking About Ayushmann’s Hair Styles

The ‘Vicky Donor’ star reportedly tried nine hairstyles for his forthcoming film. Film director Vibhu Virender Puri shared that

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"My costume designer Sahil Kochhar had to design outfits according to the fabrics and colours available in that era. We made sure we didn't use any nylon outfits as it had not been invented then. Similarly, the colour pink wasn't used then. Also, we did many look tests for both Ayushmann and Mithun. We even tried out nine different hairdos before zeroing in on Ayushmann's hairstyle," says Vibhu.
He also adds, "Many artefacts that we read about aren't available in this day and age. So, we used our imagination and recreated them. We even designed the plane based on how it was described in the books."
The moviemakers have already released the Hawaizaada trailer as well as songs from the film.

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