Ashutosh Gowariker Everest 25th December Episode Exclusive Update

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Star Plus most famous show Ashutosh Gowariker Everest is a dream to conquer the highest peak in the world “Everest”. It was shown in the 25th December episode of Everest serial Nasir get to know about the real motive of Roongta behind sponsoring the Everest expedition.

Anjali Discloses About the Death of Akash’s Partner to Rina

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The episode starts with the conversation of Akash and Nasir about Everest summit. Nasir says about love to Akash that ‘love does not have destination, as its constant, and love is a flowing river, and it has to meet another river’. After that everyone sits near the bonfire and Chand sung an interesting song about everybody’s personality.

Ending of all the entertainment in front of bonfire Nasir asks to Akash did you call Mr Roongta. Then Anjali (Shamata Anchan) introduces Rina to Nasir and converse about his Everest expedition. Then sudden off Nasir went to Ramesh and told him ‘I remember where I saw you’.  They meet in a party in Delhi 3 month ago.

Flashback Story of Everest Serial Expedition Real Motive

They recall the party where Ramesh met his friend Navin. Navin told Ramesh that he Summit Everest. After that Navin told Ramesh about the secret of queen’s assets which is of 900 crores which he has buried in the Everest during his summit. Ramesh was surprised and ask that anyone can steal it as selling of these steal things is a big business.

After that Nasir got know about the real motive behind Mr roongta’s Everest expedition. And Arjun’s Everest summit is just to cover up his stealing. Nasir rebukes Ramesh and told him that serpage is queen’s love and for money you cannot sell it. After that Ramesh tell everything to Arjun about the serpage and 900 crores. Ramesh gets panic because Nasir starts his expedition early, so won’t get the serpage easily. In the next episode you will get to know about Anjali Singh Rawat feelings towards akash.

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