Article 15 Controversy: Ayushmann Says All Accusations are Untrue

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Article 15 Controversy: Ayushmann Says All Accusations are Untrue

After back-to-back hits like Andhadhun and Badhaai Ho, actor Ayushmann Khurrana took a hard-hitting project like "Article 15".

Helmed by Mulk fame Anubhav Sinha, the film touches upon the sensitive topic of casteism. In an interview about the movie, Khurrana stated that he always wanted to be a part of socially-relevant and gritty films like Article 15.

Talking about the Article 15 controversy, Ayushmann said that all such accusations against the film are untrue, plus, it is a very relevant film for Indian youth.

He said to the PTI,

“Last two years were very fortunate for me as my films clocked great numbers at the box office and it only gave courage to me to do a film like 'Article 15'. It was a part of my bucket list to do a film like this because I always wanted to do something on a social issue.”
Article 15 of the Indian Constitution speaks about caste, race, sex, religion, or place of birth. The flick offers a realistic take which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of caste, race, sex, religion, or place of birth concludes in Article 15.

He also said,

“I have noticed that there is a lot of controversy around Article 15. I would like to maintain to everyone who is protesting and claiming that the film is anti-Brahmin, please see it. Our film does not take any sides, has no intention to showcase any community in bad light and it has been censored by the censor board who have their own set of guidelines of seeing a film.”
Further, Khurrana stated that the appearance of mainstream actors like him in such films helps the cause because this will help them connect with a wider audience.

He added,

“If you have a mainstream actor attached to a subject like this, it reaches out to a wider audience. We want to reach out to people who believe in caste discrimination and if we are able to change the mindset of one person that will be the true victory for us.”
Earlier, it was reported that the actor was set to collaborate with Sinha for a romantic film, but eventually, they started to work together for Article 15. Khurrana said that after watching Sinha’s 2018 courtroom drama Mulk, he became a fan of the director.

He further said,

“I feel he discovered his true voice as a director after 'Mulk'. When I met him he had offered me a rom-com but I told him I am looking for a hard-hitting subject, something like 'Mulk'. He narrated a couple of concepts to me and 'Article 15' was one of them. Later he worked on the draft, which we both loved and we happened to be on the same page.”
Later in the interview, he also reacted to remarks that some UP residents, Brahmins are upset over the negative portrayal of the community in the film. Khurrana stated that such accusations against the movie were not true.
"They have to realise that what they are doing is redundant and a waste of time and energy, they need to see the film and then realise what is right and wrong. And in fact, 'Article 15' has already been certified by the CBFC, which is known to be strict with sensitive content," he added.
Ayushmann said it's a very relevant film and investigative drama, especially for the youth of India.
“I only urge everyone to watch the film and not make any assumptions on the director's vision and intent.”
Apart from Ayushmann, “Article 15” also starring Sayani Gupta, Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub. The movie is all set to wow the audience on June 28.