Omg! Anushka Sharma to Don A Transistor in Pk's Motion Poster??

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After stirring a lot of controversy through Amir Khan’s bare poster with a transistor, now the makers of the yet to release film PK, are all set to grab eyeballs with Anushka Sharma’s motion picture donning a transistor.

Yes you heard it right! Anushka herself has announced that it’s now her turn after Amir to feature with the transistor. Anushka took it to twitter for announcing the launch of her motion poster and the method of releasing of the poster.

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Anushka informed that her poster would going to launch on 16 October, on Whatsapp. She said that in order to see the motion picture one need to make a group of 10 people on messaging app, Whatsapp as well as add the number of P.K. given in the video.