The Character of Ramu’s Much Controversial 'Sridevi’, Unveiled

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Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is probably the one who loves to be in news; lately the filmmaker stirred a controversy with the announcement of his film ‘Savitri’! Later than he changed the title to ‘Sridevi’ saying, “I want to share some happy news with all of you. Due to some reasons, I have now changed the title of my film from Savitri to Sridevi.”

“Now, the film will release as Ram Gopal Varma’s Sridevi,”

Anukriti Lead charater in Savitri

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Now the lead character of Ram Gopal varma’s controversial project is Finlay unveiled. Anukriti is the name of the girl who is playing ‘Sridevi’ in the movie. The lead character neither illustrates a teacher nor a house wife as contemplated instead, Ramu’s Sridevi is going to be a middle class house wife!