Jodha Akbar: Would Anarkali Meet Prince Salim in Agra?

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In Previous episode of most popular Indian TV serial ‘Jodha Akbar’, we saw, that Anarkali wished to meet Prince Salim and tried to agree her parents to go to Agra for searching Salim. Consequently, Anarkali’s parents agreed to go to Agra with their daughter Anarkali.

Jodha Akbar: Anarkali Arrives to Agra for her Love Salim

After that, in the 425th episode of Jodha Akbar serial, we saw, Anarkali comes to Agra for meeting Prince Salim (Ravi Bhatia). Anarkali and her parents, Rashid and Zilbahar passes from the market where she asks each and every person present in the market, about Salim (Qutub).

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In Agra, People Throws Stones on Rashid Calling him Gaddar

Jodha Akbar Serial

In the market, few people recognize Rashid (Anarkali’s Father) to be the traitor and they start throwing stones on him. People starts shouting that he is gaddar and he doesn’t have any rights to stay in Agra.

Prince Salim who passes the market sees some people gathered at the market. Salim asks his soldiers about the matter, why they people are yelling gaddar. He (Salim) says that, they have no rights to make a decision, who is gaddar and the decision will be taken by King Akbar.

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