Alone Movie Review

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In Bollywood industry, various directors have made many attempts to make a perfect horror movie, one that could scare audience to death but in spite of frequent efforts, we haven’t come across such an exemplary piece yet, since long.

Most of these movies seem less of horror and more humorous, but seemingly, this is not the case with recent release ‘Alone’ movie featuring beautiful actress ‘Bipasha Basu’ and debut actor ‘Karan Singh Grover’. To know more about the movie, check out latest Alone movie review.

Horror Enshroud In Sizzling Chemistry of Bipasha And Karan

The story of the movie revolves around conjoined twin sisters Anjana and Sanjana, both played by Bipasha Basu. The twin sisters Anjana and Sanjana love each other very much and want to share the same relationship all through their existence.

But, one day things around them suddenly changed, when Karan Singh Grover as Kabir entered their life, both the sisters’ fall in love with kabir but he loved Sanjana.

This made Anjana insecure. Kabir leaves the city and tries to take Sanjana, but Anjana does not want to leave her sister, which makes Sanjana upset. Thus, Sanjana demands to be separated from Anjana however during the operation, Anjana dies.

The story then showcased the present time, when Sanjana and Kabir are together return to India back as Sanjana's mother has a heart attack. When they came back Anjana’s ghost seeks revenge from her twin sister but, for what reason is the question?

Alone is the Remake of Kollywood’s Movie ‘Charulatha’

The film Alone is the remake of Kollywood movie ‘Charulatha’ which was released in 2012. The movie was a version of the Thai horror film ‘Alone’.


Well the movie ‘Alone’ showcases lots of scary moments along with scorching chemistry of Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Groverm, which is worth a view for all the Karan and Bipasha fans.