Alia v/s Shraddha - Who Would Be Considered for ‘Rock On“ Sequel

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Just Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor also considered for ‘Rock On “Sequel”- Alia bhatt v/s. Shraddha Kapoor who would bag Rock ON sequel.

Alia is apparently the leading lady in the Rock On sequel. But Shraddha Kapoor can also fill the chasm of the lead. The sequel to the flick hailed by the critics will smash the silver screen in the coming next year.

Why Alia Bhatt for Rock On Sequel?

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Rumble bespeaks Alia to be the lead cast. But the dilemma goes on as the makers of the Rock On sequel want to flaunt a seducing vibe in the talkie. Moreover the makers are hunting for a lady with a good melody so that she could record and playback her own audio tracks.

Makers Ponder Over Shraddha Too!

So Shradhha Kapoor can also win the match. As Alia proved her mettle in singing by her songs like Samjhwaa pre to that she made her debut as a singer in her flick Highway. On the other hand Shraddha has also earned the brownie points in relevance to her song Galliyan from EkVillian.