Alia Bhatt Ready to Move in Her Own House

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Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt was frequently talked about and discussed the idea of moving out of her parents home. And, now her plan turns into reality.

Yes, this 22 year old actress is now ready to shift out of her protective family home. Seems like now this actress is matured enough to live independently. She has purchased her own place, only a short distance far from her family home, which is located in Juhu. Sister Shaheen is also moving in Alia Bhatt House.

Alia Bhatt House

Alia has spent her 22 year in her Juhu home, still she is very excited to move at the new place and says;

“ Now I need my own place. I made sure I got a place very close to my parents’ home. You step out of my old home and you step into the new home.”

Mahesh Bhatt Disagreed with Alia Bhatt’s Decision

Alia Bhatt's grandfather is an architect and helped her in designing her apartment. Everything was set. But Alia’s father Mahesh Bhatt is not happy with her decision. May be because every father in world don’t want her daughter to live alone, that’s why
Mahesh Bhatt said; “Why do you need your own place when you’ve all the privacy that you need right here in this house?”
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If Reports are to be believed, let to inform you Alia is moving next year, as a lot of work still left on her new place.

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