Alia and Queen’s Director Vikas Bahl’s Video on Women Safety

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Social Media has become the greatest option for the reason of spreading awareness these days. As women safety is rapidly becoming a topic of concern consequently, B-town is also at back and call for the same.

Lately, Bollwood diva Alia Batt’s, video on women titled, ‘Going Home’ safety is going viral. The video is directed by Vikas Bahl, the direct from the movie ‘Queen’ and depicts a fable of a girl whose car breaks down on her way to home. The girl, who got left high and dry on the mid road, seeks help from a group of boys passing by. What happened next is a surprise…..

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Know what the Queen’s directer Vikas Bahl’s said?

When Vikas Bahl, is asked about his 5 minute video, he said, "I pledge to create a short film titled 'Going Home', in which we visualise a utopia for women, where, unlike today, mistrust and fear don’t dictate actions and decisions,”

Going Home: A film by Vikas Bahl feat. Alia Bhatt for Vogue Empower