Akshay Kumar Shows his Faith in PM Mr. Narendra Modi!

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Well after a long time and several missed shots, the Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has finally managed to impress the spectators as well as the critics. Off late Akshay’s new release ‘Baby’ touched the mark of 85 crore just within two week of its release, making it a fat chance for Akki.

In an interview with a leading daily Akshay Kumar shared his glee as well as his take on PM Mr. Narendra Modi. Read-on to know what the 47-year-old has to say?

Akshay Kumar Crediting Director Neeraj for the Success of ‘Baby’

We all know that there has always been a tiff between our Bollywood Khiladi and the critics. However, this time the critics have accepted Akshay’s ‘Baby’ with an open heart, which is making the star to flaunt his smile without wiping it off.

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"Getting four-and-half to five stars for my film is not something that happens very often. I am still getting messages about how good it (Baby) was and I am feeling wonderful. But I wouldn't want to take the credit for this. The entire credit should go to Neeraj Pandey. He is a solid director who knows what he wants, the kind of director you would want to believe in. He brings the best out of me," shares Akshay Kumar.

"I just wanted to be earnest; do my best, but do something different. The critics never gave me more than one star for my acting. But that was not the point. I wanted to challenge myself."

Akshay Kumar Movies

"I tried different things. I did Oh My God, Tasveer, Sangharsh etc. Some of them worked, some didn't. But it's my nature to persevere,"

"You could be the most talented person, but if you are not destined to be successful, you won't be. On my part, I attempt to balance pure commercial cinema with cinema of substance," further added the star.

 ‘Baby’ Star Akshay Kumar ‘s Take on PM Modi

Amid all the talks about his buzzed film ‘Baby’, when Akshay was asked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi then he asserted that he totally believes that we are in safe hands.
"With my hand on my heart, I believe 100 per cent that we are not only in safe hands, but being led by a man with a conscience as well as a necessary fighting spirit."
Meanwhile, Akshay would be soon seen in two more movies Gabbar and Airlift.

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