Shocking! Jodha is Heartbroken Knowing, Akbar To Marry Again

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In Zee TV’s popular historical TV serial ‘Jodha Akbar’, we saw prince Salim’s cousins interprets that Salim is in love, and judges Salim’s changed behavior. On the other side, King Bhagwandas gives advice to Akbar that there is no necessity to fulfill King Khambar’s non-logical demand intended for prince Salim’s punishments.

King Bhagwandas Explicate Tribal Laws to Akbar

King Bhagwandas tells Akbar to declare war against King Khambar, but Akbar didn’t agrees for the war, he says that it is not an issue of power, as he cannot disallow that he promised full cultural freedom to the tribal king Khambar.

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Again Bhagwandas suggests Akbar, that according to the tribal laws he can’t release prince Salim without any chastisement. After that, Akbar (Rajat Tokas) and Bhagwandas goes to meet King Khambar.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Consents to Khambar’s Demand

Akbar tells king Khambar that he is ready to fulfill his demand for son Salim. Akbar gives stamp papers in front of the tribal king, but Khambar did not accept those papers. King Khambar says that this is the matter of his reputation and culture’s existence.

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The kidnapping incident of Bela was his dishonor and now any other person will not marry Bela, after the incident. So king Khambar claims that Akbar should marry his daughter Bela to compensate the loss.

Hearing this demand, King Bhagwandas gets annoyed and he says that it is a wrong demand, But Akbar says that he will fulfill his promise. He is ready to marry Khambar’s daughter Bela, if she says ‘Yes’.

In the upcoming episodes we will get to see what would happen, after Akbar’s decision………………..

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