Ajay Devgn With Daughter Nysa Launched A Campaign For Girl Child

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ajay launches campaign with daughter nysa

Ajay Devgn makes another public appearance with his daughter Nysa to launch a campaign for girl child in association with Smile Foundation.

'She Can Fly' for Aspiring Dreams of Girl Child

Being the goodwill ambassador of Smile Foundation, Ajay Devgn has joined the foundation for a campaign which initiates to make the society sensitive about the dreams and aspirations of a girl child. The actor will spread awareness about the importance of education and stretch their arms to those underprivileged girls who are deprived of education.

ajay launches campaign with daughter nysa

The campaign is named as ‘She Can Fly’. During the launch of the campaign Ajay reveals about how the two strong and most important women of his life, daughter Nysa and wife Kajol have moulded him.

Ajay Devgn has been surrounded by women all his life and very well understands their thought process. In his interaction during the launch, he reveals the biggest influence in his life were women. Since childhood, he had his aunt and mother and two very strong sisters. And then he had his wife and daughter besides.

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Ajay always had Greater Influence of Women in his Life

Ajay Devgn is proud to be surrounded by women. Despite the presence of his father, he has a greater influence of 8 women present in his life. As Ajay is comfortable with the women, the same way they share their problem with him. Nysa also discusses about her worries first with Ajay and thereafter with Kajol.

ajay launches campaign with daughter nysa

In the midst of these situations, Ajay Devgn has huge respect for women and he very well knows the importance of their dreams and aspirations.

“I have a daughter and I feel education is important in today’s time for all girls. I felt my daughter should be the brand ambassador of Smile Foundation. She is leading a privileged life right now I want her to sympathize, feel and care for the underprivileged kids,”

The actor shares a very unique bond with his daughter. There are times when instead of Ajay’s guidance Nysa mothers him and corrects on his mistakes.

“There are times when she behaves like my mother and tells me how and what are the wrong things I do. She corrects me. Our generation has to learn from younger generation. When I have to learn about technology, I go to her,”

Nysa is also proud of her father for his involvement in such causes. She feels her father to be very supportive and encouraging and witnessing the Smile Foundation Campaign for girl child, Nysa feels glad about her and Ajay being a part of this.