AHS:Freak Show- First Look of Neil Patrick is Unveiled

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Neil Patrick Horris a prominent versatile personality well known as an actor, singer, illusionist and producer now can be spotted with the release of his new show "AHS:Freak Show". The prime look of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ identity can be noticed in an American Horror Story show, the episode will airs in the first month of 2015 on 7th January.

Neil Patrick Harris- Wait for 11th and 12th Episode

Rumors abuzz that Neil Patrick mask as a magician with titled as Chester. Patrick Harris will punch the clock in episodes 11 and 12 of American Horror Story: Freak Show while his partner David Burtka will be highlighted in the season closure.

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He probably has amorous feelings for adjoining twins Dot and Bette and demands them to tack on the stage during his act to distract the audience.

AHS: Freak Show First Look Revealed

The first eye catching look of AHS:Freak Show  is revealed. We can hardly hold- up to watch our cherished identities curving into odd freaks for the American horror show.

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