Info About Ranbir Kapoor’s Character From ‘Tamasha’ Dispatched!

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Well, actors peg away to put their looks out of the sight of audiences in order to create apprehension about the upcoming Bollywood movie. However it’s not as easy to hide something from the fans as it looks! The same goes here.

First one of Ranbir Kapoor’s looks from his film ‘Tamasha’ got leaked, and now here is a scoop of other information of the characters from the film.

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Ranbir Kapoor to Play University Student in Imtiaz’s ‘Tamasha’

As we told you earlier, Ranbir Kapoor the Kapoor scion is shooting these days with his ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone for his upcoming film ‘Tamasha’. Reportedly and on account of previously leaked pictures Ranbir Kapoor is going to have multiple looks in the film ‘Tamasha’. Well that’s not all we got to know about RK’s character, apparently a birdie told us that Ranbir is going to play the role of a university student in the film.

Ranbir Kapoor-in-Tamasha

Tamasha: Find out What Is Quirky about Ved Sahni’s leaked ID card

A picture of Ranbir’s character Ved Sahni is leaked, which suggest that the actor is depicting a Jaypee University of Information Technology student. The thing which is interesting to note in the Identity card is Ranbir Kapoor’s actual age. Where on the one hand the card represents Ranbir’s Date of birth to be 1974 contrarily the year of issue of the ID card is 1992.

Well all this is intriguing the fans about Ranbir’s character in the film. However we feel that the leaked hints are much more baffling us about the role of Ranbir Kapoor despite of revealing something about it! Don’t you feel so?

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