Checkout the Latest from ABC’s New Musical-Comedy ‘Galavant’

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Galavant, the Hollywood musical miniseries hit the silver screen on 4 January, Sunday. The first look clip of the musical comedy extravaganza, which is here for a runtime of four weeks, left the viewers whistling a happy tune.

Isabella Double Deals Prince ‘Galavant’

The first look shows royalty and egoistic Prince, Galavant (played by Joshua Sasse) hiding a horse though the forest with Sid (Luke Youngblood) and Isabella, the lady who is pretending to help him.

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Where the Prince ‘Galavant’ feels he is helping her on the contrary, his is totally unacquainted that she is stabbing in his back.

First Episode Telecasted of ABC’s New ‘Galavant’

The three are on a highly cardinal mission of the king (Timothy Omundson) to quest Galavant’s ‘One true love’. Nonetheless, as per Isabella and Sid, his bride chose to marry the king. The show also embraces guest appearances of Ricky Gervails, Weird Al Yankovich and John Stamos and sure to make the audiences go on tenterhooks.

The premier of ‘Galavant’ went on-air at ABC on Sunday, 4 Jan. The premier showed Prince Galavant stirred up by Squire Sid and introduced by Princess Isabella.

The upcoming episode of the series would show a visit to Sid’s hometown along with the encounter of band of land-locked pirates.

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