Aamir Vs Hrithik - Who Will Be Selected In Thug?

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There are widespread rumours for Hrithik Roshan who will going to soon replace the Aamir Khan tag from the movie and he is supposed to be most suitable for the role.

Media  and rumours supposed the upcoming flick “Thug” featured by Yash Raj Films turn to be another Shuddhhi. Casting is too flexible for the movie and is not fixed until. Recently, the cast selection is not only variable but in and out of the Bollywood stars remains to continue.

As the movie script is known for its most insane and dangerous stunts, Hrithik Roshan was claimed to be the best hero for this project. Later, as per the several reports,  the actor has dropped out of the movie. The only reason , Hrithik wanted to watch the Box Office performance of the Mohenjo Daro and then he decided for the next one.

Thug Movie Cast Selection Ups & Downs

From time to time, Deepika has been getting in and get out from the movie and she is believed to be a part of the project at the later moment. Then the buzz was rife that Amitabh would join the Thug cast while Hrithik is no more suspended from the movie.

Now the new Bollywood gossips are indicating Hrithik replacement with the Aamir Khan who will soon appear with dhamakedaar entry.

The movie is directed by the Vijay Krishna Acharya who is also the director of the movie. Thus, it will be not surprising to see Aamir as the lead of Thug.

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