Aamir Khan Pledges to Donate His Body Organs

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He signed the donation card that stated, “I Aamir Khan, Age 49, Son of Tahir Hussain Khan, and Resident of Mumbai. Hereby unequivocally authorize the removal of following organs or any other suitable organ of my body after my death for therapeutic purposes. “1] Kidney... 2] Liver... 3] Lungs... 4] Heart... 5] Pancreas...6] Intestines... 7] Eyes... 8] Skin... 9] Ear drums 10] Heart Valve.... 11] bone”...

Dr Suchita Desai of K.E.M Hospital also stated, “Yes!  Aamir Khan pledged to donate the organs of his body on the Maharashtra Cadaver Organ Donation Day which takes place every year on March. The organs of every donor are taken after the brain is said to have clinically dead. This day was celebrated in K.E.M. hospital where Aamir Khan along with all of us too was present and signed the pledge of donating his organs.”

Aamir Khan's wife Kiran also wants to donate her organs :

According to reports Aamir had also allegedly stated that, “I have to say that it is something I have been thinking about for a long time. Kiran and I have discussed it, but we never discussed it seriously till she saw ‘Ship of Theseus’. This time, we spoke about it (donating organs) in a concrete manner and realised that we could alter the lives of others without harming ourselves in anyway. I would be happy to donate all parts of my body that can be donated when I die.”

Imagine, one person's body can change the lives of so many people. The passing of life is the greatest gift you can give someone.