Aamir Apologizes For TOH, Says "I Take Full Responsibility For Failure"

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After three weeks of box-office failure of Thugs of Hindostan, Superstar Aamir Khan apologized to his fans and took full responsibility for the disappointment.

It came as trauma to audiences when ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ starring Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan bombed at the box office. It was promised to be one of the grandest films of the year but got slammed unanimously by audience and critics alike. The film struggled to make even Rs 150 crore at the ticket window despite being released on 7000 screens worldwide.

On Monday, at one conference, Aamir Khan took full charge for the failure.

He said, "I take the full responsibility of Thugs not working with the audience. You can be sure that we tried our level best but somewhere we went wrong. There are a few people who liked the film. I would like to thank them. We realize that most of the people did not like the film. I want to apologize to fans that I couldn't entertain them the way they wanted, though we did try our best."


Primarily, Aamir had received much support from SRK who is his friend in the industry. He had mentioned that it was heartbreaking and that people have been too harsh on the film. "I would like to say something. It’s a little personal and I don’t know whether it’s right to say it or not. This is something that’s saddened me and so I want to share it. When it happened to me personally, I wasn’t so sad, but this time I am.”

Shahrukh added, "There are people who have given excellence to cinema for years. A film can be good, a film can be bad; none of us can ever claim ki maine duniya ki sabsi achchi film banayi hain. Mr. Bachchan and Aamir have been people who have constantly contributed to the excellence of cinema."
Also, at the award ceremony of Cinestaan India’s Storytellers Contest, Aamir said: “We didn’t leave any stone unturned but somewhere we went wrong. There are some people who liked the film, and we would like to thank them but they are in minority. Majority didn’t like and we realise this.”

Also, the actor offered an apology to fans who went to watch his film with great expectations.

He said, "I want to apologise to my audience also as this time I wasn't able to entertain them. I know people came in theatres with a lot of expectations but they didn't enjoy the film.

Audience is free to say what they feel about the film. What I can say is that we certainly tried our level best and I am feeling really bad that we didn't succeed in entertaining the audience. So, next time we will try harder."