7 Revelations by Vivian Proves that his Bond with Vahbiz is Unbreakable

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Vivian D Sena and her wife Vahbiz Dorabjee’s marriage phase is going through a tough phase. Some reports say that they are finally parted while some says they are trying hard to save their marriage life.

Their fans really want to see them back as the fresh couple but actually what is going on between them is still behind the curtains. But we have a hint what Vivian D Sena actually wants in his splitting relationship with Vahbiz.

Recently Vivian D Sena was interviewed by a leading daily and was asked several questions on his rumored divorced life. There we got a confirmation that the pair have just taken a break, yet still involve their partner in their daily routine. Divorce is just out of a question.

Vivian D Sena and Vahbiz Dobarjee

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Vivian D Sena Revealed about his Marriage Life with Vahbiz –

# We are not yet done with each other, we have just taken a break. Divorce is out of question. Vahbiz and I will make our marriage work.

We meet at least once a week and are aware of what’s happening in each other’s life. We talk on the phone everyday and are trying to resolve our differences.

There is nothing in this world that can’t be resolved. It’s all about perception. Vahbiz and I have collectively decided that it’s not that big an issue that it can’t be resolved.

# We have been one of the strongest couples in the industry, so when something like this happened, people wanted to enjoy it like some kind of a live series. What I have learnt from this experience is to make the foundation of our relationship stronger with understanding, compatibility, compassion and love.

# Vahbiz is more successful than you, might be this is the reason of the differences-There is no place for ego between us. We leave work at work and personal life at home.

# Vahbiz didn’t attend your birthday party- Vahbiz was with me on my birthday. She was the one clicking pictures and making the video.

# Might be Vipul Shah is the reason of the spilt - It’s a foolish link-up. Vahbiz and I had a good laugh over it on the phone. Vipul is like a brother to me and we are family friends. His father and he are trying to bring us together. Our love is too strong for a third person to enter, and it’s beyond all these petty speculations.

Hope to see the most adorable yet beloved couple Vivian D Sena and Vahbiz Dorabjee to share the comeback post soon…