#2.0MovieReview: Rajini-Akshay's Sci-Fi Action Film is a Visual Treat

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The madness has begun! Finally, 2.0 (2point0) hit the screens on Thursday. And, no wonder it got the good reviews overall. From yesterday onwards, there is a huge crowd outside the theatres from early morning to catch the amusing look of the Thalaiva flick.

It was one of the films for which fans had been desperately waiting. From the release of the teaser to the trailer, everything about this movie was grand and so were the expectations. Well, the most attractive thing about this film to people was the fact that it is the first Indian film which has been shot in 3D. Undoubtedly, it has been done wonderfully. The movie was delayed to guarantee that the VFX is top notch and it is much better than anything you have seen this year.

The film resumes the journey of Chitti from the 2010 flick Enthiran(Robot), but this year he is confronted by Akshay Kumar(playing the role of villain). It is said that 2.0 is the spiritual successor of Robot.

In this continuation to Robot, the battle is potentially more fascinating. The flick pits Rajinikanth versus the phones that give him the power he holds, through ringtones, memes, and hashtags. Besides the villain, we perceive a bit of a birdbrain: an ornithologist who, outraged by the injustice we do to birds with the transmission rays from our cellular phone towers, uses thousands of disembodied cellphones to create an enraged bird.

The film opens with an old man hanging from a mobile tower in a desolate field. Shortly, the locals in the city notice that their mobile phones fly out of their hands and vanish into thin air. And, simultaneously phone towers are damaged by some “strange occurrences." Further, the government calls in Vaseegaran to investigate the mysterious happenings as chaos and fear cover the city. And shortly, a giant bird with wings made up of cell phones attacks the city and even the army cannot prevent it. And then a minister requests Vaseegaran to bring back Chitti, the dismantled advanced robot, to counter the “fifth force."

Vaseegaran is supported by his robots – Chitti 2.0 version and the retrieved old Chitti. They (he and Nila) find out that there is a harmful man Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar) who is out to wreak destruction on humanity. Moreover, it is revealed, in a flashback that Pakshi Raja was the same old man who committed suicide on the mobile tower. He was an ornithologist( who loves sparrows and other rare birds), but the birds died because of radiation of mobile towers placed even in marshlands and fields. Therefore, Pakshi Raja seeks vigilante justice against the people who operate mobile phones and towers. Well, the rest of the movie spins around how Vaseegaran rescues the people, quite like in any typical Hollywood superhero.

With Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth coming together, the film is pure entertainment for audiences everywhere. Even, Amy Jackson plays a notable role in the film too. It looks like 2.0 might become the biggest film that we have seen till date since it has been called the most expensive film made in Indian cinema. It's one of the visual treats you cannot miss for the world. And, the message that the producers are trying to convey through the film is surely an important one.

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Well, we must say it is a worth-watch movie, and if you want to enjoy the 3D look and VFX, go to theaters only. Have fun!