10 Hottest Images Of Mr. World 2016 You Shouldn’t Miss

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It’s the hottest news of 2016 where Rohit Khandelwal have been in the news for a while. Still if you don’t know about the recent Mr. World Winner, then the most readable stuff and images you missed.

This is the first time when an Indian participant won the title of Mr. World. Even he is privileged to be the first asian guy to win the Mr. World title.

Rohit belongs from Hyderabad and later he shifted in Bollywood Town Mumbai in order to chasing his dream of being a big model. He posted his struggle story on Instagram followers.  

Here read his own words:

Well, I can’t forget the monsoon days moving into the city of glamour three years back - everyone is strange for me, but my strong passion let me feel that the everything will be changed, you know why?

As the burning desire and will always stronger than the talent.

Hailing from my native land Hyderabad to Mumbai, I experienced many challenges, felt home sick, feeling isolated, loneliness, duped,  cheated but the faith never came down !!

I never ever admitted defeat in my life because I knew failure is the only way to be successful ,You fail 99 times but you will get up the 100th time becoming the strongest.

Well, it’s a part of his story, you can read complete post on his Instagram.

Back to come again on the post, let’s begin with his most hottest photos of Mr. World 2016 (Rohit Khandelwal) you should enjoy..