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I Can’t Afford Surgery, I am One Film Old – Vaani Kapoor

A lot of speculations have been buzzing around about Vaani Kapoor’s look in Befikre. It has been rumored that she has opted for surgery to look sexier in Befike, but the internet trolls are buzzing more about her. Well, getting the surgery done is not a new thing in Bollywood industry, but in case surgery goes

Befikre Trailer Launched: A Carefree Tale Of Two Free Spirited Souls
befikre trailer launch ata eiffel tower

Bollywood is fond of love stories and with every passing film, the love stories are so different from each other in terms of their story, presentation or the scenario. Aditya Chopra’s next directorial Befikre is also different and unlike anything that is made before. The fact is also proven by the event of the film’s

OMG! Another Kissing Poster from ‘Befikre’- Ranveer Singh Explains!
Ranveer and Vani in Befikre

💋Kiss Kiss Kiss 💋……..Befikre – Those How Dare To Love! Every poster of the film Befikre features a different KISS! As we already talked about the upcoming romantic film of the year ‘Befikre’ starring Vaani Kapoor and Ranveer Singh – Cannot judge how much the two are in love character seem!!!! Both the leads of the

Ranveer Singh’s Befikre To Face the Scissors of CFBC For Kissing Scenes?
Ranveer and Vani in Befikre

Ever since the posters of the Befikre starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor has been released, the movie has become the topic of the town for its kissing posters. Right from Befikre first posters, the stars Ranveer Singh and the newbie Vaani Kapoor found in sizzling poses. A few days back, the makers of Befikre

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