Woah! Ranveer Singh Revealed About His Wildest Make Out Session

Bajirao Mastani actor Ranveer Singh never ever feels shy talking about SEX. Ranveer Singh is very open and is a celebrity who supports the sex talk that is so rare in India.

He has also endorsed condom brands. Revealing some secrets of his lihe he said that his favorite born day gift is Birthday SEX. He is much talented actor and has a huge list of female followers.

We all have seen his love for Deepika Padukone. The two shares a strong bond and have unconditional love for each other. In an interview with India Today, Ranveer Singh opened up about the things he has done for LOVE. But what he revealed is seriously the troubling one.

That Make Out Session Almost Landed Me in Jail – Ranveer Singh

“Uh, my wildest one… I’ve got some really wild ones! I’ve had some really really wild ones…. I’ll have to think about whether I want to give this info out, but just know that one of them almost landed me in jail.”

Boys! Learn New Ways How To Woo Girls in Style Of Ranveer Singh

He Elaborated What Happened  –

“What happened?! Yaar… we were watching a movie and it was very boring, so we had to… keep ourselves occupied. Umm; and we were on a nature trail in a nature park, and you know it was very cold and nippy so we had to generate some body heat, jismani garmi (body heat)… things like that…”


Ranveer! It Was Like This…??

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