Not Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif is the Mentor of This Bollywood Newbie

Dabanng star Salman Khan is well known as a mentor of the Bollywood industry. He had launched many newcomers like Athiya Shetty and Sooraj Pancholi in ‘Hero’ movie, Sonakshi in Dabangg, Tiger Shroff etc. Just like her ex-boyfriend Katrina Kaif has turned to be the mentor of this newcomer.

According to the sources, Katrina Kaif is guiding Elena Fernandes these days. She is a successful model and had already noticed in the movie Kapoor & Sons. The two met through a common friend.


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Elena Fernandes stated about her first meeting with Katrina Kaif –

I met Katrina through my personal fitness trainer who is like my best friend. Katrina and I share the common trainer and that is how we became friends. She has been really sweet to me and always helps me with some tips and advice. She is like my mentor.”

Elena Fernandes to Focus Only on Katrina’s Advice

Just like Salman Khan advice any newbie not to focus on rumors and keep on concentrating on the career Katrina Kaif also suggested her same.

She elaborates –

She asks me to stay focused and not to react to the rumours. She also tells me to be proactive and be hands on with my career. Katrina I feel is hands on with her career too, as she doesn’t just leave it to managers, she personally takes interest and make efforts with directors. Just like me, she too hails from the Great Britain and that’s an added bonus.”

Wow! That’ such a great news that Katrina is following the steps of her ex-boyfriend Salman Khan.

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