Finally! The Trailer of ‘Parmanu’ Featuring John Abraham is Out

B-town actor John Abraham unveiled the trailer of his upcoming flick ‘Parmanu’ on Friday. The film plot revolves around the first Pokhran nuclear test carried out by India in on 11th May 1988.
The film has finally emerged out of controversies and is all set to go on the floors by 25th May 2018.

Going by the date, the filmmakers also chose the same date for the trailer to get released.
To share this good news, the actor himself shared the first trailer on his Twitter handle. As you will watch the trailer, you will get the vibes of the music that has been lifted from Christopher Nolan’s film Inception.

John Abraham takes the rule as the group leader and you will be seeing him portraying the role of an army officer.

The Two and Half Minute Trailer Clears What ‘Parmanu’ is All About

The trailer opens up in the voice of Boman Irani clearing that whoever takes this job will not get any recognition or medals, then enters John Abraham explaining why India needs to conduct the nuclear test and then goes underwater with his team.

Initially, slated to hit the theatres for December 2017, the film was then pushed for Feb 2018 then April 6. But now it will hit the theatres on 25th May 2018.

Watch Trailer Here:

Source- ‘JA Entertainment’

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