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BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL Ad on Lesbian Relationship Has Gone Viral
The Visit

During an era when the general public everywhere is yet to acknowledge interchange sexuality, here we have ad that tosses light on the cozy relationship between two young ladies. The Ad being referred to, which demonstrates the two young ladies communicating their love for one another and their yearning to spend whatever is left of

Bajirao Ranveer Singh Ad Campaign for Hungry Children

Ranveer Singh is not known for being a piece of the best advertisements. From vests to condoms, the Bollywood actor has acted in a few frightful advertisements. Anyhow, his campaign called ‘India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao with Ranveer‘ in a joint effort with Chings Noodles and Askshaya Patra, is most likely among the best TV

Watch Jocular Dubsmash Videos of Sonakshi, Priyanka & Ranveer
Dubsmash Video

Dubsmash is getting prevalent step by step! The application turned out to be much more prominent when Bollywood celebs such as, Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha, Ranveer Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez utilized it to make comical Dubsmash video. Funny Dubsmash Videos of Bollywood Celebrities The aforementioned actors have posted their dubsmash videos on their

Watch Baba Ramdev Yoga Dance, Which Makes You Feel ‘LOL’
Baba Ramdev yoga

Cherish him or disdain him, however you can’t ignore Baba Ramdev. It might be on the grounds that he can be damn “entertaining” or in view of his “unusual” moves. This astonishing video mashup of Baba Ramdev doing Yoga on ‘I am Sexy and I Know it’ will doubtlessly abandon you in parts. ‘I am

Watch: Ajaz Khan Goes Dirty With Shanti Dynamite
Ajaz Khan-Shanti Dynamite

Colors reality show Bigg Boss fame Ajaz Khan was flirting dirty with adult actress Shanti Dynamite during the press launch of ‘I Love Dubai’. Ajaz is an entertainer, model, actor etc. He was taken part in Bigg Boss 7 as a wild card enterer, and won the title of 2nd runner-up in the show. Ajaz

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