Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House With Designer Omung Kumar

Reality show Bigg Boss is popular not just because of the celebrity contestants but majorly because of its house which is designed differently in every season. The season 10 of Bigg Boss has already premiered and here is the exclusive look inside of the Bigg Boss house.

Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House

Bigg Boss House Tour With Omung Kumar

The production designer of this season is Omung Kumar again who has worked on big budget films like Black and Saawariya by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Every new season of Bigg Boss requires the house to be designed freshly. This gave a creative high and became challenging for the award winning director of Mary Kom and Sarabjit.

Omung says,

“The Bigg Boss house has to look like a home and yet not look like one. It is in your face. India watches it every day for almost three months. It’s a crazy house…actually it is more than a house.

Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House
Living area

People living here are being watched, with the audience getting a kind of voyeuristic pleasure. Every year that I have to design the house, my fantasy comes alive.

Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House


Omung admits that that the real challenge is to design new and better from that of the previous seasons. The house has camera at every place. So, it shall look good from all angles. They have painted the walls with vibrant colors and lit up the house from everywhere. Films provide liberty with respect to shooting on the best frame and changing the lighting effects but Bigg Boss’s house shall have every frame to its best.

It’s the walls that play major role in the house interior for Omung. Thus, he always pays special attention to the walls. The contestants have no other things of interest so they shall be at least living in an engaging environment provided with the help of these walls.

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Omung has put up many paintings and imparted a lively and electrifying touch on the walls that energizes the contestants with positive feelings.

Lanterns and earthy tones, Indian mystic to the décor bring a homely appeal to the set.


Bigg Boss season 10 has a mixture of celebrities and common man for the first time. The house has also been designed from the perspective of a common man to be palatial and inspirational and less on the lavish side.

Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House
Dining area


The house used to be very simple earlier but now it’s more gimmicky. Omung designs the sets and his wife Vanita brings the properties.

This season also has a store room for the contestants to keep their luggage so that they don’t create a mess in the room and keep up the place clean.

The design theme of this year is ‘Morroco-meets-modern’. All the décor and accessories and décor including bedsheets, curtains, sofas, crockery, furniture, reflect the theme.


Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House


The bedroom and living room have been swapped this time to bring a new flavor. They can easily see others in the garden. The dining table’s position is also such that everyone can see others from their positions. A special seven sleeper bed space has also been created for selected contestants.

Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House
Clock in the garden alongside swimming pool


Another fascinating art piece is the huge time clock in the garden area that always indicates the show time 10:30 pm. Omung says,

 “The clock shows 10.30 pm and it’s like the time has stopped for the contestants which can be really very frustrating. They don’t get to see the real watch inside the house. Every time somebody from the bedroom or the living room looks outside the house, it gives them a different talking point when they look at the watch.”

Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House

The jail is located in the garden separated from all the luxuries. It has tiny Indian style toilet painted with a filthy appearance in order to look dirty.

Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House


Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House

Jacuzzi is created inside the bathroom this time in order to bring in more intimacy. Even the bathroom, doesn’t look like one with its colorful walls and couches placed near the Jacuzzi.

Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House
The seven sleeper bed space


Exclusive Tour Of Bigg Boss Season 10 House
And finally ‘The Bigg Boss Confession Room’


We are eagerly waiting for the blasts to come up in this season. Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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