Big B Fights Bad Guys In Indian Movies: Tom Hanks

Bollywood has been popular in the world cinema decades ago. Top Hollywood actors have also seen Indian movies since their growing. American actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks has been a big fan of Bollywood and for him Indian movies only meant Amitabh Bachchan fighting with the bad guys.

big b fights bad guys in indian movies says tom hanks

The Oscar winning actor says that the vast span of Indian cinema and the varied storytelling techniques are still a mystery for the western cinema.

Big B Fights Bad Men In Indian Films

Tom Hanks in an interview with IANS told,

“For a lot of years, Indian movies for us were Big B running around in his glasses and beating up bad guys or midgets and stuff like that. We didn’t quite understand what was going on. If everyone starts speaking the common language of cinema, it will start representing itself.”

Hanks further said that Chinese and Japenese cinema like A Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Ang Lee have impacted the entire cinematic culture of the West. They are also a part of the American films now. They have not been much aware about the Indian cinema because it has not been made available to them.

“The fact is that we have not just been able to see films outside of Bollywood for whatever reason, or outside Satyajit Ray’s films. But it is only a matter of time because people in the United States see everything…All you have to do is be available.”

Hanks has worked with Irrfan Khan in the upcoming film Inferno. He is ready to work for Indian cinema not just for breaking the market but something that deals with the life of people in India. He doesn’t want to climb on the roof of Taj Mahal or jump from helicopters to defeat the bad men.

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Hanks Loves Indian Entertainment

tom hanks loves indian films' portrayal

Tom Hanks is amazed by the bold filming techniques of Indian cinema. The two time Oscar winning actor considers this as a dream come true.

It is a complete appetite of all elements of entertainment and impossible for him to believe the mix of all genres in one movie.

Tom has explored all the arenas of creative field. Acting, direction or writing, Hanks owns the experience.

He made his debut with a low budget film in 1979 with He Knows You’re Alone. Television screen marked his presence with series like Bosom Buddies, Taxi and Family Ties and the movie Maze and Monsters.

Hanks last film Sully, a biographical film was a visual treat for everyone. Tom Hanks next silver screen starrer is Ron Howard’s Inferno, opening on October 14 in India, two weeks before the release in US.

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