10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Flashed Their Privates In Public

Celebrities are the face of glamour and so are their acts. Every small action of celebrities gather spotlight. And no wonder, wardrobe malfunction is a big part of the stardom. There have been various incidents when celebrities knowingly or unknowingly have flashed their privates. From the flashbacks, wardrobe malfunctions have been a major sight. Nip slips, panty free party pictures and the super bowl surprise are often seen.

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have all played their parts but some unexpected celebs also suffered nip slippage publically.

10 Wardrobe Malfunctions  From Hollywood

1. Janet Jackson

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

Janet Jackson’s bejewed boob caught public eyes in 2004 when Justin Timberlake tore off her top in the middle of a performance. Before Janet could cover herself, her pictures had already been flashed. It did not take much time to create a drama. Soon the culpit was dragged to the court.

2. Britney Spears

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

One of the most known personalities in the world has once gathered pantyless fame in 2006. A paparazzi shot revealed that she had not wore her underpants. The singer eventually covered up. No law matters were dragged here.

3. Tara Reid

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

At one of her red carpet appearances in 2004 at Diddy’s 35th birthday party, the American Pie actress got her left boob exposed to the photographers and she honestly admitted that she was “smiling like an idiot” during her flashes.

4. Paris Hilton

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

While shooting the video for “Stars are Blind”, Hilton was wearing a purple one-piece bathing suit and accidentally her boob popped out of her dress.

5. Lady Gaga

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

At the CFDA awards in New York, the crazily clad singer wore a black bustier dress. While posing dramatically for the photogs; raising her arms caused her privates to pop out.

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6. Alexandra Kerry

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

Daughter of former Presidential candidate John Kerry wore this translucent dress at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004. This even garnered unwanted attention to her father. The dress was almost a complete see-through to Kerry’s whole body. Thankfully, she was wearing her lower garments.

7. Anna Nicole

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

During the G-Phoria award shows in 2004, while announcing the winner of Hottest Character Awards, Anna Nicole suffered a wardrobe malfunction. The star quickly covered up after her left side of the garment dropped off her shoulder.

8. Lindsay Lohan

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

Lindsay did not care too much of her bikini top falling down. She was enjoying her Miami surf more. Many prior incidences have also happened with her but this was notable since she grabbed herself and laughed it off.

9. Kirsten Dunst

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

Spider-man’s actor Mary Janes was caught in the ocean with a shifting bikini top that exposed her top half (not in this picture). She did not even realize it after she joggled out of the water.

10. Claire Danes

Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions

In 2007, when Janes appeared on MTV in a low cut nude colored top and jeans, while leaning forward to discuss, she accidentally exposed her bra less nipple.


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